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Create the professional classifieds website you’ve always wanted within minutes. ClassifiedsManager comes with lots of features including smart ad filtering, automated ad management, ad promotions, integrated payment options and lots more!
User-friendly interface for customers, dynamic search filter, integrated search bar, ad management, ad promoting, dynamic category attributes, integrated payment options are among the features we’re offering.

Anyone can do it! It’s that SIMPLE!

You don’t need to be a computer expert or internet whiz to have a great looking classifieds website. With Joomla and J-ClassifiedsManager, it’s easy.

  • Just download J-ClassifiedsManager and activate in Joomla with a simple button click and you’re ready.
  • J-ClassifiedsManager has been developed to include everything you need to setup search engine friendly classifieds websites for any market.
  • Whether you’re using the classifieds software for an all-purpose classified site or a specific category, our classifieds extension can handle it!
  • Easy installation & setup. The dummy data that comes with the extension will help you get started with your setup. Our template quickstarts will enable you to have your website ready within minutes.

Full responsive design

Using responsive design is crucial to actual requirements.

  • More and more people are navigating using smart devices phones, hence our classifieds software will help you increase traffic.
  • Responsive design and code mean that the changes layout for optimal viewing on any devices: computers, tablets & smartphones, easy reading, and navigation with no hassle.

Powerful classifieds Features

Take advantage of multiple configuration possibilities and features to take full control of your classifieds site and also to provide the best client experience. We include options for everything from the smallest detail to the biggest features. You’re in charge!

  • Clean & Simple Administration We’ve gone a long way to creating a good user experience, from layout to design and architecture.
  • Multiple Configuration & Features Personalize your extension with the help of multiple configuration options that will make your site look the way you want it! We provide multiple settings in general application settings to allow full control of functionality and display.
  • Single Details Page Every detail a classifieds item would need is located on one page. Location, services, availability, contact info, web and social links, pictures, tags and more.
  • Google map Finding/Setting a classified location hasn’t been easier. You have the possibility to define the exact location by clicking on the map or by entering the latitude & longitude.
  • User Generated Ratings and Reviews Give clients a reason to come back to your site again and again and again with user reviews. Stays are rated based on multiple criteria, which you can define.
  • Powerful Reporting The available reports are built to give a better insight into how your classifieds performs. Adjust rates, create offers, offer discounts, it’s all up to you.
  • Social networks integration Social networks are an import aspect of marketing that you cannot ignore. We allow the integration with Facebook, Twitter & Google+
  • Skinning We’ve integrated several skins in our module and extension. This allows you to change/modify the way your classifieds screen is displayed in an easy way. New skins are loaded automatically.
  • No Junk! 100% CLEAN Code Every purchase includes 100% source code so you can customize and modify your classifieds software the way you like.

Built-in Multilingual Support

All texts are translated into multiple languages. You just need to add the content in your language and you’re ready to go.

  • You can enable any language you want, our extension is flexible enough to fit your specific needs.
  • Multilingual content is available for you to define.
  • Multilingual emails are available for you to define.
  • Currently, we support the following languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Portuguese, Greek, Arabic, Turkish, Dutch, Polish, Italian. New languages are added often and they are available with new releases.

Customizable attributes

Create any type of input with the customizable attributes!

  • Use any type of input from the basic text input to radio, select and checkbox.
  • Assign attributes to any category to have displayed in the process of adding/editing an ad as well as to displaying inputted information.
  • Enable promotions – to attract users to post to your classifieds site

Customer control panel

We provide the possibility for clients to manage their own data.

  • Everyone – gets a dashboard with J-ClassifiedsManager. The dashboard is a single page where clients have access to all their classifieds as well as update their contact info.
  • Manage classifieds – add/edit/publish classifieds from one place in the control panel. A history with all the created classifieds is available.
  • Renew/promote classifieds – renew promote classifieds from the control panel .
  • Bookmarks – review your bookmarked classifieds and manage existing bookmarks.
  • Profile update – update your user profile from the control panel with ease.

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We allow our customers to take part in the feature sign-off process. Insight on the chosen solutions and technologies is provided along with project progress.

Modularity and reusability

We are building software applications with modularity and reusability in mind. With this approach future development and extension of the existing functionality is made with ease.

Quality support

We provide timely roll-out and ongoing support for the development provided. Our support is not only experienced but also friendly in approaching support related inquires.

In-house development

Our development team consists only of in-house developers. This allows us to be consistent with timelines and software architecture as well as building long term relations.