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Online tutoring platform development

We have experience in developing an online tutoring platform that connects students with teachers. Discover the benefits of live one-on-one tutoring and 24/7 access to online resources. It’s all done on a shared whiteboard, talking over voice, and chat. Scalable use of resources in the cloud, deployed in a containerized environment that allows us to have at your disposal a highly available application.


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Benefits Of Working With Us


We allow our customers to take part in the feature sign-off process. Insight on the chosen solutions and technologies is provided along with project progress.

Modularity and reusability

We are building software applications with modularity and reusability in mind. With this approach future development and extension of the existing functionality is made with ease.

Quality support

We provide timely roll-out and ongoing support for the development provided. Our support is not only experienced but also friendly in approaching support related inquires.

In-house development

Our development team consists only of in-house developers. This allows us to be consistent with timelines and software architecture as well as building long term relations.