Another year comes to a close and experts are back to predicting new trends in technology and business. Software development has become a significant aspect of business today and developers have become an asset to businesses to help enterprises innovate, evolve, and grow. Everything from problem-solving to informed decision making depends upon the skill and expertise of developers.

As a result, software and mobile development have become imperative to the growth and success of a business. We’re already two months into 2021 and it’s clear as day that whoever has the arsenal of cutting-edge software technology, will come out on top in this year’s corporate battle.

Here’s our programming languages trends list that will dominate the software and mobile development trends of 2021:

Native App Development Will Remain Unparalleled

Native app development refers to creating software programs that are fit to run on specific devices, unlike hybrid apps. The most common target device for native app development is a smartphone. Since iOS and Android have captured the world market and are not planning to let go anytime soon, businesses are investing in multiple native apps for iOS and Android.

Even with the advent of cross-platform tools like React Native and Flutter that offer faster development velocity, investment in native app development continues simply because they provide an enhanced user experience and powerful performance.

Angular 2+| React | NodeJS will be Starring in the 2020 Showdown

With NodeJS, Angular 2+ and React being the top three frameworks used in 2020, we can assure you that they’re staying for a sequel i.e. 2021. Here’s what we think about the three powerhouse frameworks of software development:

·Angular 2+ is a fully-featured framework that allows simple routing and helps you build compelling user interfaces.

· ReactJS is a library where you have to write less code and the implementation of virtual DOM allows for enhanced performance. Today, ReactJS is the common choice of JavaScript Framework Developers.

· NodeJS is fast and lightweight. It is the go-to framework for fast and scalable networking applications.

Big Data Computation — Apache Spark at the Heart of Data Analysis

Previously, Hadoop Map-Reduce was the framework utilized for the computation of large scale datasets. Today, Apache Spark has taken over the Distributed Batch Job and has bested Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) in performance and costs.

Apache Spark has specifically targeted the limitations of Hadoop Map-Reduce. It processes everything in memory instead of storing data after each operation. Spark is predicted to rule over the batch processing framework in 2021 and even afterward.

Rust Programming Language to Top the Charts in 2021

In 2020, Rust garnered plenty of attention from programmers and many software giants including Microsoft, Intel and social media enterprise Facebook that come out in support of Rust. If you’re still asking why you should choose Rust as your next programming language, here’s an answer that will get your attention: Microsoft is looking into adopting Rust.

Rust has started to gain a lot of traction in the industry and even though it still has a long way to go, more and more companies are looking into adopting Rush in 2021. One of the reasons behind this is that Rust is more than just a set of libraries or a compiler.

The Rust community aims to make programming easier, safer and more fun. This approach has proven critical in the journey of Rust from a hobbyist language to one of the main programming languages in the industry.

Kotlin | Scala | Java are a good trio

Java programming will continue to dominate the market in 2021. Java’s runtime, Java Virtual Machine offers an excellent foundation for JAVA and many popularly used programming languages like Kotlin and Scala use JVM as their runtime.

However, Oracle has changed the license for JVM and a one-time license for Java SE 8 or later is no longer available. That means all the companies using Java, Kotlin and Scala (JVM languages) now have to pay large subscription fees.

Amazon | Microsoft | Google

Cloud providers Amazon, Microsoft and Google will continue to make the big bucks in 2021. It seems like every business from a small startup to conservative companies like health care, government organizations, banks, insurances and intelligence agencies are turning to cloud vendors. This trend will only grow in 2021 as more companies of all sizes move to Cloud. So if you’re still hesitant about Cloud, maybe it’s time to leave your inhibitions and move to Cloud.

Cloud Vendors Amazon, Microsoft, and Google are giving out free credits to give hands-on experience in the cloud. Google offers up to $300 free credits for the duration of a year.

Database: Watch Out for Distributed SQL

Here’s a fact most people in the software industry have taken their sweet time to come to terms with: the world cannot be run without SQL databases. SQL has bagged the top spots for popular databases in 2021 mainly because SQL offers durable ACID transactional guarantees. Since this transactional system is essential for business applications, we can rest assure that SQL databases will still be in business this year.

Web-scale companies, however, are seeking a combined solution to rid themselves of SQL databases while keeping the ACID guarantee. They are looking for a database that offers the ACID guarantee of an SQL database but the horizontal scaling of a NoSQL database. At this moment, we find two solutions that fulfill this requirement: Amazon’s Aurora and Google’s Spanner.

But there’s still a catch. Aurora does not offer horizontal write scaling even though it has the majority of SQL features. Spanner, on the other hand, offers horizontal write scaling yet lacks the support for many SQL features.

2021 is looking at a Distributed SQL Database that will finally fulfill the requirements of web-scale companies. Whichever company succeeds is looking at an excellent business for the next few years.


Software development trends change each year and this will continue to happen in the years that follow. More programming languages will rise to the forefront of software development and older ones will lose business. A major software powerhouse will fall and we’ll see the rise of another. The software industry is one of the most competitive industries today, largely because technology can no longer be kept separate from business. The software industry is affecting every sector and that has given rise to fierce competition in the industry.

These are our predictions for the programming languages that will dominate the software development trends in the year 2021. But our list is by no means all-inclusive. We’ll have surprises along the way as the software industry grows larger and more diversified.