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Dental Technicians Application

Simple yet powerful

Dental Technicians Application

The best way to manage your dental association

Benefit a dedicated management platform designed specifically for dental associations. It encompasses a wide range of features, from member and laboratory management to monitoring fee payments, subscriptions, certificates, and educational credits. It also efficiently tracks courses, member workplaces, and oversees laboratory documentation, approvals, and equipment. Crafted with the latest technology, the dental technicians application provides a fully responsive experience across all devices.

Full responsive design

Computers, tablets & smartphones

Using responsive design is crucial to today’s requirements.

More and more people are navigating using smart devices phones, hence our reservation software will help you increase traffic.

Responsive design and code mean that the layout is changed for optimal viewing on any devices: computers, tablets & smartphones, easy reading, and navigation with no hassle.

Complete solution



  • Charts that displays how many members are subscribed and non-subscribed and the statuses of the members.
  • Expired working contracts – In this box are shown all the members, whose working contract has expired.
  • Expired identification act – In this box are shown all the members, who are no longer valid. The date set in the valid until field, in the member’s details, has to be expired.
  • Expired document studies – In this box are shown all the members, whose document studies have expired.

Powerful Features

Use the multiple configuration possibilities and features to take full control of your management platform and to provide the best member experience. We’ve thought of everything from the smallest detail to the biggest features. You’re in charge!

Working places

The working places contain the legal form, the county council, registration number, fiscal number, phone number, mobile phone, number of stations created and also the number of employees in this workplace.

Education & Credits

We’ve included the tools to easily manage and track education and credits. You can maintain education units, providers, courses, teacher.

Action logging

Logs have been enabled throughout the application to keep track of the performed operations. Admin users can see logs for specific functionality or all logs in one place.


Get a quick overview of all the payment records related to a member. A payment contains the tax type (which can be added from the tax type section), the payment type (which can be added from the payment type section), the amount that the member will pay, the bank and the payment date.Payment can also be both, edited and deleted.


Subscriptions are created in the subscriptions section and are shown on the payment tab of the members. The total of the subscriptions is the total that the member has to pay. Only for deceased members, excluded, retired or radiated ones, new subscriptions are no longer added. Also, a member starts paying the subscriptions only after the issue date of the certificate added

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