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Online Booking System

Award winning

Online Booking System

The best way to get your lodging online

Establish your own top-tier online booking system with booking software. This platform is not only easy to set up but also user-friendly, ensuring you can launch your hotel portal swiftly. Designed specifically for the demands of a professional hotel portal, the Online Booking System combines simplicity, innovation, and user-centricity. It’s equipped with all the essential tools for a seamless and professional booking experience.

By enabling online booking, you can streamline the reservation process, enhancing the efficiency of your hotel’s management.

Proudly recognized as a leading provider of hotel software, we’re dedicated to ensuring the best in hotel service solutions.

Full responsive design

Computers, tablets & smartphones

Using responsive design is crucial to today’s requirements.

More and more people are navigating using smart devices phones, hence our reservation software will help you increase traffic.

Responsive design and code mean that the layout is changed for optimal viewing on any devices: computers, tablets & smartphones, easy reading, and navigation with no hassle.

Complete solution



Enhance your hotel reservation software with the available addons, payment processors and channel managers. All crafted to get the best out of your reservation software.

  • Payment processors – diversify your payment options to make it easier for your customers.
  • Channel managers – synchronize rates and availability with the availability channel managers, stay on top of your rates availability accross all major booking engines.
  • Addons – enhance your reservation functionality with the offered addons.

Powerful Features

Leverage a plethora of configuration options and features to gain complete mastery over your online booking platform, ensuring an optimal client experience. We offer choices for every aspect, from minute details to major functionalities. You are in charge!

Easy to use and setup

Personalize your extension with the help of multiple configuration options that will make your site look the way you want it! We provide multiple settings in general application settings to allow full control of functionality and display.

Let owners come to you

Monetize  on generated traffic

Streamline reservation process

We’ve thought of everything to provide a great user experience starting with a streamlined reservation flow and ending with an easy to use administration platform.

Build online presence

Increase traffic

Ratings and Reviews

Clients can rate their stay based on multiple criteria, which you can define. Build confidence and trust by collecting and displaying reviews.

Complete solution

Clean & Simple Administration

No hard-coded settings

Powerful Reporting

The available reports are built to give a better insight on how your lodging facility performs. Adjust rates, create offers, offer and discounts!

Income report

Reservation report

Availability Report

Offers report

Beautiful design

We’ve integrated several styles in our modules and extension. This allows you to change/modify the way your reservation screen are displayed in an easy way. New styles are loaded automatically.

Ease of use

Great UX/UI

Attractive interface

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