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Mike B.

Head of Marketing

An inventive and creative thinker focused on building the brand through effective marketing communication, Mike is entrepreneurial,  constantly changing, learning, and growing. Mike is focusing to attract new customers and to improve client retention, through dedication and commitment.

Lorna M.

Quality assurance

Lorna has been a member of the BloomDev team for more than 2 years now. With a Master Degree of Science in Computer and Information Technology, Lorna works closely with our customers’ quality and engineering departments to quickly resolve any quality issues that may arise. She promotes continuous improvement to help keep BloomDev one of…

Krisli P.

Team leader/Web developer

Krisli has been creating diverse software and web applications for 6+ years now. Having a passion for development and computer engineering, Krisli always opts for quality and perfection, striving to always find the best and most practical solutions for problems and constantly motivating others to do so as well.

Berovena K.

Quality assurance

Berovena comes with a seniority knowledge of software tester, providing assessments of the overall quality of production and distribution process. She assists with the development and implementation of quality assurance guidelines, ensures that all internal quality control procedures were implemented and prepares reports and documentation to senior management.

Marius B.

co-founder, Director

Marius approached software development with passion since an early age. Creative and goal-driven, Marius delivered key projects in different areas of Information Technology.

George B.

co-founder, Director

George approached software development with passion since an early age. Creative and goal-driven, George delivered key projects in different areas of Information Technology.

Marin A.

Mobile developer

Experienced Mobile Developer with an appetite for reliable software. Intrigued by software engineering methodologies and tools. Interested in evolving in software concurrency, CSP, and Ada. Engineering professional with a Master’s Degree focused in Computer Engineering.

Isa D.


Focused on building the brand through effective marketing communication, Isa is an entrepreneurial, fast-paced, high growth, energetic, and forward-thinking digital marketing professional. Through effective marketing communication, Isa thrives on an entrepreneurial spirit, passion, and top-tier talent.

Ermal M.

Web Developer

Experienced Web Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in MySql, PHP, Javascript, JQuery, Ajax, HTML5 and CSS. Strong engineering professional skills with a Master’s degree focused in Informatics from University of Tirana.

Diana B.


Passionate and driven about workplace wellbeing, Diana has applied her extensive experience on increasing productivity as well as conduction training sessions while delivering creative, cutting-edge solutions to real business issues.

Vlad V.

SEO/Google Ads Expert

Experienced SEO/Google Ads Expert with a demonstrated history in Google Ads Services and Digital Marketing, Vlad has worked on thousands of campaigns in 92+ industries over 12+ years.

Juxhin B.

Frontend Developer - UI/UX Designer

Versatile& Creative Front-End Developer that can spearhead the implementation of modern web application stacks as well as execute user interface designs for a variety of experiential applications and UI tools in potentially non-traditional ways.  Juxhin is creating the best possible user experience for millions of users using the tools on hand.

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We are a dream team!

BloomDev’s team of knowledgeable experts is committed to providing quality software solutions to clients around the world.Throughout the ten years of working in the software development industry, we’ve come to understand the key aspects of the business and refined key processes in order to support stability and usability according to the best user experience.

We are not like others

  • Attention to every detail
  • Professional & Knowledgeable
  • On point when it comes to solutions
  • Organized and on time
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