Free? How?

The federal government of Canada offers the “Digital Adoption Grant” which is now open to individuals and companies nationwide! You can now receive a grant of up to $2,400 to grow your business online.

Improve your current website, create a new one, or boost your online presence by incorporating e-commerce capabilities, digital marketing automations and take advantage of this chance now.

How it works?

Step 1

Please check the business eligibility criteria to make sure you’re eligible for the program.

  • is Canadian-owned
  • is a sole proprietor or a business incorporated under the laws of Canada or a province or territory
  • is a for-profit
  • Your business made at least $30,000 in annual revenue in the most recent tax year or if your business has 1-499 employees.

Step 2

Connect with us as a local service provider to devise a plan on how to implement your digital adoption program. We are here to guide and support you every step of the way, that includes advice needed to complete the application.

Step 3

Apply for the grant with us as your service provider.  We’ll guide you through the necessary paperwork and documentation required for submission. 

Once your application is approved we’ll start implementing the devised plan. Once we deliver the implemented solution you’ll be able to submit a report and access the grant funds once approved.

Why Choose Us?

We will be with you all along the way!

This micro-grant is meant to assist you making your websites more functional. You can add limitless features to your business, such as online shopping, client directories, online appointment booking, website quote requests, SEO, advertising, event management, inventory management and even local delivery tracking apps!

Here to help is the BloomDev’s team to support the growth of your business in the digital era!


Online Shooping

As a team of knowledgeable experts, we aim to provide quality software solutions to our clients.

Client Directories

One of our specialties is enabling directories to get your business faster online.

Online Appointment Booking

Appointment booking is something every competitve business needs in order to thrive.

Event Management

Growing your online presence via events and exposure to community.

Our expertise

Skills that will elevate your business.

Throughout ten years of working in the software development industry, we’ve come to understand the key aspects of the business and refine key processes in order to support stability and usability according to the best user experience.